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Experts – get the right people for the job

Recognizing the need to bring in an expert that possesses the skills and knowledge that an organization is currently lacking is the hallmark of any successful and robust organization. For example, professional sports teams have expanded their staff to include nutritionists, exercise physiologists and strength coaches to supplement their more traditional coaching staffs.

With regard to the cold weather preparation Standard Drafting efforts (NERC Project 2021-07), external experts should be engaged for a better understanding of the many physical processes and conditions that cause the various types of freezing experienced by different generation technologies. The Standard Drafting Team, consisting of compliance experts, attorneys, system operators, generator owners and generation plant operators, provide good perspectives. They should be supplemented with experts sufficiently versed in the generating technology types, freezing issues, causes and contributing factors. This addition to the SDT would provide credible opinions of the scale and complexities of performing the requested studies based on available weather data (such as wind, precipitation, humidity, solar irradiance, etc).

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