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Greybeards presenting at the North American Generator Forum Annual Compliance Conference

David Lemmons and Mike Gabriel will be presenting at the NAGF Annual Meeting and Compliance Conference. The conference will be held in NERC’s Atlanta offices on October 11th-13th. Tickets are still available, for both virtual attendees and in-person.

NAGF 2022 Conference Agenda
Download PDF • 100KB

David will be presenting on the latest development regarding Cold Weather Reliability Standards and how generation assets can plan for them. The sub-topics include:

  • EOP-011 and EOP-012 compliance requirements

    • Communication of Capabilities– requirements versus what is really needed

  • Physical factors that affect winter capabilities: start up and run through

  • Determining Extreme Cold Weather Temperature for a location

  • Methodology for determining Generator Cold Weather Critical Components

  • The importance of forecasting entities to plan using the best available information

Mike will be discussing site walkdowns related to FAC-008: Facility Ratings. He will delve into:

  • Benefits of conducting site walkdowns

  • Methodologies for conducting site walkdowns

  • Best practices and lessons learned

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