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Greybeard presented at the Human Performance in Action Conference

David Lemmons and Mike Gabriel both recently presented at the Human Performance in Action Conference, hosted by KnowledgeVine. The conference, held in Lake Charles, LA, drew over 220 attendees.

The topic of their presentations was centered on the electric power generation community and cold weather challenges. Their presentations delved into:

  • the basics of generator winter weather preparation

  • human decision making on both a micro and a macro (or corporate) scale

  • the influences on winterization decisions (incentives vs obligations, ROI, etc.)

  • the physical factors that affect winter capabilities: start up and run through

  • communication needs – what generators need to provide

  • communication of winter capabilities to the appropriate authorities

  • forecasting entities and their responsibilities to plan ahead

    • hour, day, week, seasonal, etc.

    • resource adequacy to serve expected load

  • forecasting performance during Winter Storm Uri in 2021 in Texas

2 - GCS Generation - Cold Weather
Download PDF • 605KB

3 - GCS Big Picture Presentation
Download PDF • 107KB

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