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Greybeards to present at the Western Interconnection Compliance Forum Fall Workshop

David Lemmons and Mike Gabriel will be presenting at the WICF Fall Workshop. The WICF workshop ( will be October 27, immediately following the WECC workshop ( on October 25-26, in Scottsdale, AZ. The Greybeard presentation, titled “Cold Weather Preparedness & Related Standards” will cover the upcoming reliability standards regarding extreme cold weather and a compliance methodology for generating stations. Topics include:

  • EOP-011 and EOP-012 compliance requirements

    • Communication of Capabilities– requirements versus what is needed

  • Physical factors that affect winter capabilities: start up and run through

  • Determining Extreme Cold Weather Temperature for a location

  • Methodology for determining Generator Cold Weather Critical Components

  • The importance of forecasting entities to plan using the best available information

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